A Fountain of Knowledge For The "Everyday" Forex Trader…

My name is Chris Leet. And I founded Pro Trading School to bridge the premium information gap that is ruining the efforts of millions of traders.

That's why I share tested, trusted, and proven strategies with you on this blog to help you dominate many financial markets.


It all started years ago when I first started out as a trader.

I was excited about the opportunity to get going. The opportunity to start raking in some serious profits.

But the little I was able to learn didn't produce the results I wanted.

I got my finger burnt multiple times.

In the end, I came to two conclusions: the available information on trading is either outdated or is simply garbage.

After years of hard work, I cracked the proverbial code and was able to start turning consistent profits from trading.

Along the way, I created my first resource which I named the "Candlestick Trading Bible" and over a thousand traders have till date benefited immensely from it. 

I get emails every day from students thanking me for how the information in that guide has been helpful. And so I am inspired to further share my knowledge.


My goal is simple…

To help over 1 million traders all over the world become super profitable.

To do that I am going to share a lot on this blog…

Things like:

What works and what doesn’t work and show the mistakes traders do so you can avoid them.
Best price action trading strategies that work in current markets
How to use indicators the right way in combination with price action.
How to  build the right mindset and how to deal with psychological struggles sch as fear, anxiety, greed…

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