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No trader can talk about technical analysis without talking about the Tom demark indicators. There are many analysts and traders who have made a significant contribution in technical analysis. Tom Demark is

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I like using the Average True Range indicator in my trades. Most trading indicators measure trend direction, momentum, overbought levels, etc. However, the ATR indicator is different. Actually, it’s totally different from other

Best 50-Day Moving Average Strategy

There are different periods of moving average used by traders, such as the 20-period, 50-period, 100-period, and 200-period moving averages. While there is no best period for moving averages — it

Alligator Indicator Explained

In 1995, an American trader and technical analyst, Bill Williams, introduced a technical indicator he called the Alligator indicator. The name of the indicator is a metaphor that uses the behavior

How to Use Relatives Strength Index As A Pro

Technical analysis is one of the two main approaches to trading the financial markets — the other being fundamental analysis. But unlike fundamental analysis, which evaluates the economic situation of a financial instrument,

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The financial trading world has benefited a lot from the ingenuity of the Japanese trading experts. Many of the most popular tools we use in trading — from chart types, like

How to Use Moving Averages Like A Boss

Identifying the direction of the market trend is key to trading any financial markets, not just the forex market. Traders and technical analysts have different ways of determining the trend direction,