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Is Breakout Trading Profitable ?

Breakout trading is a common trading technique in all financial markets and breakout traders make a significant portion of all forex traders. This trading technique has existed for a long period

What Is Price Action Trading ?

Today, price action trading is a commonly used method in financial markets. Price analysis is one of the simplest yet powerful ways of gaining an edge in the market for both

Does Trend Trading Still Work ?

Trend trading has been the best trading strategy for the past 30 years. The price of an asset will always trend, and these trends can be traded up or down for

Does support and resistance really work ?

Support and resistance are very common among traders who use technical analysis to make trading decisions. When used properly, they can help you become a successful trader. However, these two zones are
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Is Technical Analysis Profitable?

This question is as old as technical analysis itself. From Charles Dow, who is considered the father of technical analysis in the western world, to Jesse Livermore (the legendary bear

Why do price action traders fail ?

Most price formations used by price action traders to enter the market are formed regularly on all forex pair charts and time frames. Examples of such price formations include Pin Bars,

Can Forex Trading Make You Rich?

This is one of the most common questions aspiring forex traders ask. But the answer is not that straightforward. Becoming rich trading forex depends a lot on your circumstances. While

Is Trading Forex Really Worth It?

As the forex market is getting really popular by the day, due to its round-the-clock availability, ease of access, and huge liquidity, some people are seriously considering trading forex as