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Dear frustrated trader,

If you would like to slam the brakes on your consistent losses… 

…and fling open the floodgates of consistent profits… so that you can have enough money to invest in your future, upgrade your lifestyle, and take care of your loved ones…

,,,then this could be the most important letter you have read in a long time.

Because I am about to show you how to use a unique method of trading chart patterns to explode your income.

So if the idea of turning your losses into consistent profits is something you fancy…

…then I urge you to read to the end of this page.

Hi, my name is Chris Leet… chances are sky-high that you know me from reading one of my books, watching one of my videos, or reading my emails.

I am the author of Candlestick Bible; a widely-popular trading eBook that has now been downloaded over a million times in more than 36 countries of the world!

That’s just a tip of the iceberg…

As I’ve also taught over 25000 traders from all walks of life how to squeeze out consistent profits from various markets with battle-hardened strategies that have worked like gangbusters. 

Matter of fact… 

You Should Hear From Some of These Traders :



I really can’t thank you enough for your course .I  learned a lot from you and I feel that I know what i’am doing now .Thank you so much 


Thank you so much for sharing such insightful information with us .I really admire you and your trading tips.It is helping me to evolved grow as a better trader.


Nobody else is sharing this type of information.Many thanks for sharing your knwoledge .

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I literally get tens of these kinds of messages every day via emails and other mediums of communication where my students can easily access me.

And before you start to think I am some sort of trading magician who has a crystal ball that predicts the future…

I want you to know that….

I Used To Suck At Trading!

Before I slid into the world of trading, I was a waiter waiting tables at a small restaurant in my small hometown .

My pay was a ridiculously low amount of money that sucked the fun out of my life.

But I had to get by one way or the other and so I stayed at this job… despite the appalling pay. 

One day, I learned, in passing, that I could realize my financial dreams through Forex trading…

Without even pausing to think, I decided to go all in like a drunken gambling addict in Las Vegas. 

During the day, I would work my ass off at the restaurant where I was a waiter… 

And at night, I would stay awake – sometimes all through the night – furiously studying the market.

I was trying to understand how things worked. 

Now, at the time, I had very little money…

So I couldn’t afford to pay for signals.

I also didn’t have the cash to pay a veteran in the game to teach and point me in the right direction.

I tried to figure things out on my own by using free resources I could lay my hands on.

With the hope that I was going to soon hit it big, I borrowed some cash from a handful of friends and family, and just poured all of it into trading to test all I was learning.

I lost woefully over and over again…

It Was Like a Bad Music On an Endless Loop!

The constant losses grated on my nerves and eroded my confidence.

It felt like someone used to espy me with a giant telescope and saw when I placed my trades, so they would quickly swoop in to mess me up.

But for some reason I refused to back down – I went on as focused as a hungry Lion chasing after a scared Antelope at top speed. 

I would spend long hours in front of my computer screen learning and re-learning; hoping to hit gold… hoping that I’d get my Eureka moment sooner than later. 

But try as hard as I could, I just couldn’t find that right system.

Everything around me suddenly nose-dived…

Because I was spending hours up at night and in front of a screen, I would report to my job looking and feeling fatigued – walking around like a tractor was chained to my waist! 

My life was a mess at this point.

Everything was changing around me.

Only one thing remained a constant: 

The Dreaded Recurring Losses

I would find an indicator or a system that looked like the next big thing; it’d send a jolt of excitement flowing through my veins… I would borrow money to trade with it… and I would lose everything in the blink of an eye.

Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat.

This went on for months.

On the rare occasions where I managed to turn in some profits, I would lose it all again within the next 3 – 4 trades.

There was just no luck in it for me.

Then one night, the worst happened.

My hitherto patient wife sat me down and after a long tirade and proper dressing down, she barked hotly:

“If you don’t fix up, our marriage better be over!”

Strangely, that moment changed everything for me.

It was the wake-up call I needed.

I knew I had to fix up or my life as I knew it would disintegrate and scatter into a million pieces that would be extremely difficult to put back together again.

On the verge of divorce; broke and hopeless, I finally found a way.

And since then, I have never looked back.

One of the major Eureka moments I had was when I discovered that you can turn in consistent profits if you can understand how most banks and financial institutions trade.

You can have an idea of how to make the best profits for yourself by watching what these institutions are doing in the market because they know how to manipulate it.

Once you see what they are doing, it’s left for you to interpret and decide whether to follow in their footsteps or go the opposite direction of what they are doing – depending on the trend.

Ever since I understood this, I have dedicated my life towards learning how to follow and wisely interpret the moves banks and big financial institutions are making to earn consistent profits.

I have seen developed many trading methods around this philosophy… including my latest trading method which I call:

“The Chart Patterns Smart Money Method”

This is a trading method that I have observed banks and other massive financial institutions use a lot.The method is based on identifying specific chart patterns that happen frequently in the market… that will help us predict, with high accuracy, the future movement of price so we can position ourselves to profit massively.

I love it because you can use this method to trade different financial markets such as forex, the stock markets, options, cryptos and so on.

Your options are not limited to just one market.

Ever since I uncovered a way to reel in consistent profits from this method by following in the footsteps of banks and other financial institutions, I have gone berserk with it.

The truth is…

Trading Chart Patterns Is Not Really A New Method…

It has been around for a long while.

You probably have heard about it before…

Heck, maybe you have dabbled with it in the past. 

But here’s what I have discovered…

Not many people are able to churn out consistent profits from using this method.

And that’s because many, I mean a huge load, of traders lose money from trading chart patterns because they do it the wrong way.

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about trading chart patterns…

You will mostly find these information chucked inside a free Youtube video or blog post from someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing.

Unfortunately, many traders take these B.S info like the gospel, run with it and suffer severe losses.

If that sounds like you, then worry no more.

Because I have put together a brand new course where I spill the beans on how to follow the footsteps of banks and other big financial institutions to eke out consistent profits for yourself from trading chart patterns. 

INTRODUCING: The Chart Patterns Smart Money Method Course

This is my latest course that I have put together to share with intermediate and expert traders, like you, how to trade chart patterns the right way.

I want to let you in on the little-known secret of how banks and other big financial institutions perceive and trade chart patterns so that you can trade them the right way and grow your money into a huge stack.

I will be showing you everything I have learned about trading chart patterns with massive returns over the last 10 months.

Here Is A Handful of What I Have Covered Inside This Course:


Module 1: Introduction To Chart Patterns 

-What are chart Patterns ?


Module 2: Double Tops 

-Double Tops Chart Patterns ( Video Lesson)

-Double Top Reversal Pattern (Written Lesson)


-Double Tops Practical Lesson (Video Lesson)


Module 3: Double Bottoms

-Double Bottoms Chart Patterns (Video Lesson)

-Double Bottom Reversal Pattern (Written Lesson)


-Double Tops Practical Lesson


Module 4: Triple Tops

-Triple Tops Chart Patterns (Video Lesson)

-Triple Top Reversal Pattern( Written Lesson)


-Triple Tops Practical Lesson


Module 5: Triple Bottoms

-Triple Bottoms Chart Patterns (Video Lesson)

-Triple Bottoms Reversal Pattern( Written Lesson)


-Triple Bottoms Practical Lesson


Module 6: Head And Shoulders Formations

-Head And Shoulders Chart Pattern (Video Lesson )

-Head and Shoulders Reversal Pattern (Written Lesson)


-Head and Shoulders Practical Lesson


Module 7: Inverse Head And Shoulders

-Inverse Head And Shoulders Chart Pattern (Video Lesson )

-Inverse Head and Shoulders Reversal Pattern (Written Lesson)


-Inverse Head and Shoulders Practical Lesson


Module 8 : Channels

-Channel Chart Patterns (Video Lesson)

-Channel Chart Patterns Practical Lesson


Module 9 : Triangles Chart Patterns

-Ascending Triangles (Video Lesson )

-Ascending Triangle Pattern (Written Lesson)


-Ascending Triangles Practical Lesson

-Descending Triangles (Video Lesson)

-Descending Triangle Pattern (Written Lesson )


-Descending Triangle Pattern Practical Lesson 

-Symmetrical Triangles Chart Patterns (Video Lesson)

-Symmetrical Triangle Pattern (Written Lesson )



Module 10 : Flags And Pennants Chart Patterns

-Flags Chart Patterns ( Video Lesson )

-Flag Pattern (Written Lesson )


-Pennants Chart Patterns (Video Lesson)


Module 11 : Wedges Patterns

-Ascending Wedges Patterns (Video Lesson)

-Descending Wedges Patterns (Video Lesson)

-Wedge Patterns (Written Lesson)



Module 12 : Money Management

-How To Manage Your Trading Account 

-Position Sizing And Risk To Reward Ratio

-How To Calculate Your Risk In Dollars 

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 150% discount !

I have strenuously peeled back the layers inside this course and shared some real life examples to help you get off to a perfect start.

I believe that by the time you are done, you will become a master of the most profitable chart pattern trading strategies & secret hacks.

In fact…

To test the waters and get a feel for how powerful this info could be, I let a very select few of my previous students get access to a small portion of the course content.

Here’s What They Had To Say About The Course:

Athena  Anderson 

“This is my third course from Chris Leet , after supply and demand and bank breakout traps profits, thank you very much for this masterpiece .”  

Leonardo Gibson

“ This course is very detailed and exactly what I need to get started trading. I am so grateful for cheaper courses like this being available to people like me who can’t afford the 1.000 courses. In my opinion this one is just as good if not better than the more expensive courses.”

Hector Wright 

“The course goes directly to the point; Chris breaks down the basics and allows for more in depth understanding without being too overwhelming.” 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join The Course 

This course is different from my other training programs because I am not just teaching you how to make some short-term profits, I am actually arming you with some vital skills.

Huge Benefit 1
  • You will learn strategies that will guarantee you a second income for the rest of your life (the ability to churn out consistent profits forever!)
  • Huge Benefit 2
  • You will master your technical skills by learning the most common and powerful chart patterns, and how banks trade them.
  • Huge Benefit 3
  • You will be learning from a self-taught, full time trader on a mission to help other traders avoid the same mistakes that he made early on his career .
  • Huge Benefit 4
    • You will be able to use a trading method that provides you with trades opportunities that offer more than 5/1 reward to risk ratio .

    “What’s The Cost of Joining The Chart Patterns Smart Money Method Course”

    Firstly, if you were going to work with me for a one-on-one coaching session, it would set you back by $750/hour.

    Yes, that’s the least amount I charge for personal consultation/coaching.

    But I can assure you that you wouldn’t be paying anywhere close to that amount to access this course today.

    Before I go on to tell you the small investment I am charging for this course, let me let you know a few things:

    Bonus 1
    You Get Lifetime Access:

    If you secure your spot today, you are “locked in” forever… and you can have lifetime access to this course for as long as you are alive!

    Bonus 2
    Future Updates are FREE for You

    In future, when I add more bonuses and new video lessons to this course, there naturally will be a price increase. But for you, every future update will be free if you lock in your spot today.

    Bonus 3
    Lifetime Access To Me:

    When you join today, you will get direct access to me. You can hit me up at any time to ask questions concerning trading and I’d be there to help provide you expert help.

    So… considering all of these, I could easily slap a price of $297 on this course and it would be more than worth it.

    But like I said earlier, my intention is to help pull you out of any trading black hole you are currently stuck in… and not to push you in further. 

    So I have sliced a huge chunk off the total value so you can enroll for this program for only $197!

    But if you take action today, you won’t even have to pay that…

    Because for a one-time investment of only $60 you’ll have instant access to everything listed in the program and all the bonuses mentioned as well!

    If you are interested in joining this program…

    You will have to hurry because this discount offer won’t be up for too long.

    And just so you know…

    You’re Backed By My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    This might shock you…

    But you have 30 days to test-run this program and see if it works for you.

    If you are unsatisfied with the results you are getting – or not getting – then you can ask for a full-money refund within 30 days of your purchase and you will get every penny back.

    That’s how confident I am that this program will work for you.

    It’s Now Yes or NO Time…

    You’ve seen how most some of my students and myself have managed to reel in consistent profits from using the chart patterns smart money method… 

    I have now packaged together what is possibly the most complete course for using chart patterns the right way to make profits continuously…

    And to take the risks off your shoulders, I have even stamped a guarantee on it.

    Now, it’s decision time.

    The way I see it, you have 3 options…

    Option #1: Do nothing and stay where you are right now.

    If you are satisfied with the results you are getting from your trade at the moment… and you are sure that they can help you for the long term, maybe you don’t need my program.

    But if you are craving for a change…

    Then there are two options before you.

    Option #2: Figure It Out Yourself

    You could go on an adventure; watch thousands of hours of Youtube videos… 

    You could read hundreds of the blog posts being put out there on a daily basis…

     And if you are able to put in a lot of years and hard work in your research, you will PROBABLY find the answer like I did…but it could cost you a lot of heartache.

    Option #3: Let me do the heavy lifting for you…

    You get to follow my instructions for as little as ten minutes every day…

    You get to feast on the hard-earned discoveries I have made…

    You get to literally pick my brain and implement everything I know about following hints from banks and other big financial institutions to make big profits that can change your financial lifestyle forever.

    Of these 3 options, ask yourself which is going to be easier for you.

    Only you can decide.

    And if your decision leads you to pick option 3… I’d be happy to bring my years of experience to work for you in ensuring you grow your money to an enviable position in as short a time as possible.

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    regular course

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    • Lifetime Access
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    Advanced course

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    • Lifetime Access
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